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Medias and links:

  • (Oct 2019): A great overview of the potential Electric Boats market in the 2019/20 Skippers magazin, Motor Edition, with a picture of the Derby 4.3 commercialized in Switzerland by Grove Boats and an interview of its Director
  • (July 2019): A large media coverage (in French) following the set up of the Aquabus 60 in Rouen: amongst others France3, FranceBleu, Le Marin.. 
  • (November 2018) We deliver a first remote controlled MiniSeaCleaner in Lake Bled, Slovenia and get some interested media coverage in
  • (January 2018) Our Italien Friends Vaielettrico publish a report out Grove Boats' Aquabus, that after Milano and Venice, could well find their place on the Como lake, which is not off limit to combustion engines!
  • (June 2017) The Régional presents the launch of a solar boat sailing along the UNESCO world heritage Lavaux (Switzerland)
  • (June 2017) A very nice TV coverage from France 3 Region on a Solar Aquabus in Metz
  • (March 2017) Listen to us in the "Ecoutez-Voir" blog!
  • (Sept 2016) The Swiss magazine Efficience21 makes a 2 pages report on us.
  • (February 2016) The British Maritime Journal presents the Mini Sea-Cleaner, 1st electric aquadrone to collect floating rubbish in port areas. .
  • (November 2014) Grove Boats is invited by Migros Magazine,  the bi-weekly paper of Switzerland largest retailer.
  • (September 2014) Headlines on the September-October-November edition of Skippers Magazine, the reference title in for Swiss yacht and boats owners. 
  • (August 2014) The popular daily "Le Matin" signs a double page on our activities, as we launched a world-premiere, a boat powered with an Air-Aluminium battery !
  • (August 2014) The "24heures" relates the refurbishment of the world first solar boats ever, by Grove Boats. Raphael Domjan, caretaker of the craft and Planet Solar trusted our technician to do the work. 
  • (May 2014) Le French speaking Swiss reference daily, Le Temps, offers us half a page to describe our innovation in the world of Electric boats.
  • (March 2014) The monthly French magazine "Port et Intermodalité" (NPI), magazine des ports et du fluvial en Europe covers the zero-emmision boats and Grove Boats is describes as the solar passengers boats leader.
  • for early media coverage, please refer to the French version of our internet page. 

And as well on our youtube channel:

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