Electric boats

Our solar electric boats are intended for passenger transportation, for professionals who care about the environment and their image. We make it possible for tourist operators and public transport companies to offer their customers a clean and quiet navigation, free from CO2 emissions, noise and vibrations. Our Aquabus units are fitted with batteries that have an autonomy of about 8 hours at cruising speed; this autonomy can be extended through options like new generation batteries (Lithium) or even an hybrid kit.

The latest arrival in our line of products, the "Solar SeaCleaner", is a natural evolution of our strong know-how in clean navigation: an electric boat powered by solar energy to remove floating garbage in port and bathing areas.

Aquabus 850

This 8.50m long boat can comfortably transport up to 12 passengers. It is particularly used as a taxi boat, typically for hotel resorts looking for a clean and innovative means of transport. Several options make it possible to configure this model to suit your needs: swimming platform, bimini, interior equipment....
This boat can be used without a professional permit in several countries, a significant advantage.

More details concerning the Aquabus 850 T

Aquabus 1050 T

Perfect tool for tourism operators on preserved waters, the Aquabus 1050T and its effective motor allows a clean navigation and the discovery of the environment without any nuisance. It has a carrying capacity of 24 passengers, flexibly spread between the cabin and the quarterdeck according to conditions of use. The cockpit can be placed inside or outside the cabin. More details concerning the

More details concerning the Aquabus 1050 T

Aquabus 1050 Aquarel

The Aquarel is emblematic to the Aquabus line with its roof completely covered in photovoltaic panels, its futuristic design and its bow which brings to mind the nice beak of a seagull!
Its large lateral openings allow its 24 passengers, protected from the sun, to observe the environment in all tranquillity.

More details concerning the Aquabus 1050 Aquarel

Aquabus 1050 Deluxe

This version with an exclusive design and luxurious finishes is a recent development of the Aquabus 1050 model and is intended particularly for high standard hoteliers; it originally integrates Lithium batteries which allows a higher autonomy for a lesser weight. Its maximum capacity is 24 passengers and it can be modified according to its buyers the interior fitting options.

More details concerning the Aquabus 1050 Deluxe

Aquabus C60

This unit, available in 14m and 17m long versions, with or without a cabin, can transport 60 to 85 passengers, in 100% electric or hybrid mode. The C60 model was the first vessel to cross the Atlantic using solar energy (« Sun21 » in 2007) and commercial versions have since transported thousands of passengers (in France, Italy, England, Germany, Spain...), who appreciate its comfort, silence and respect of the environment.
Its two streamlined hulls ensure good manoeuvrability and stability. Its large platform can be used to host events (corporate, weddings, etc...) as well as a means of collective transport, while insuring an access for people with impaired mobility.

More details concerning the Aquabus C60


In partnership with the architects Charles and Bruno Moretti, Grove Boats launches the Aquabus Dogale 45, a superb 13.70m mono hull based on the "Minuetto 45" that has proved its value in the river boat rental market.Its total capacity of 54 passengers, widely adaptable interior (wheelchair accessible, bicycle storage) and its use-ability in all seasons make it a very interesting boat for any operator looking for a smart navigation solution in a preserved environment.

More details concerning the Aquabus Dogale 45


Based on our long experience in electro-solar passenger boats and aware of the always increasing floating waste, particularly found in harbours and swimming areas, we have developed an electrical cleaning boat whose energy is supplied by the sun, in brief a "clean cleaning boat"!
While navigating in a given area, this boat picks up the floating waste (wood, plastic, polystyrene, seaweed....) and stores it on board in a specially designated container.
This boat can be made using ecological material (linen fibre hull & cork sandwich) in order to make the approach "clean boat" coherent as a whole.

More details concerning Solar SeaCleaner 400

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